How it works

Dive into your 3D space

Draw out your living room floor plan to build a 3D version of your space. Or, use our digital measuring tape to spare you the trouble of measuring every nook and cranny.

Experiment and design

Set your inner designer free, experiment with different furniture combinations, layouts - and even paint colours - or furnish your space in just one tap based on your favourite interior mood.

Fill your basket

See your products appear instantly in your room, and shop safe in the knowledge that everything looks great (and fits perfectly) in your space.

Find your inner designer.Experiment, create and transform.

See it all right away.

Instant interior satisfaction. Search it, like it, and see it in your space immediately in augmented reality. (it's not magic... but almost)

Not just personal: Yours.

Designing in a void makes furniture shopping really frustrating - will this look good? Will it even fit? That’s why Decology gives you the freedom to experiment in your living room using a 3D version of your space.

The right product options.

Know what fits, know what doesn’t, and know what’s worth spending your money on. We search through our vast product library for the perfect individual items for you or, you can design your entire space in just one tap based on the interior Mood you’re going for.

Free to use. Always.

We have created an experience that is there for you whenever and wherever you need it. And that means never putting a price tag on it.

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