In our latest layout guide we look at the narrow living room and run through our 7 top tips to make the most of this awkward space.


A narrow living room is very common in Victorian terraced houses, town houses and in some modern flats. Choosing a layout for a long narrow room can be tricky. It’s not easy to create an inviting, stylish space rather than something that resembles a claustrophobic hallway.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our 7 interior design tips for decorating a narrow living space in your home and if our tips inspire you head over to our online interior design studio and start laying out your perfect room for FREE!


1. Make sure there’s enough space to walk through the room – allow for 3 feet (90cm) of walking space to avoid the room feeling cramped. But try alternating the placement of furniture items to create an s-shaped path to avoid the room feeling too much like a walkway.

2. Create separate zones – avoid having a narrow, awkward living space by visually separating spaces. Separate the space using a rug and art in each area. The second space could become a separate living area, study, dining area or even children’s play area.


3. Use circular and oval shapes to counteract straight lines -choose round coffee tables, side tables, rugs and lighting to counteract straight lines.



4. Draw the eye upwards – use tall pieces such as armoires and bookcases to trick the eye. Creating art arrangements which reach the ceiling or hanging drapes from the ceiling to the floor will also create the illusion of height.


5. Create a focus at the end of the room – placing a pair of armchairs or a piece of large-scale statement art at the end of the room will fill the space and shorten the aspect of the space. Avoid mirrors and small pieces of art as these can make the back wall seem further away and lengthen the room.


6. Lay flooring across the room – laying wooden floorboards across the space will make it appear wider. This also works with horizontally striped rugs.


7. Shelving – putting in built-in shelving or a stand-alone shelving unit on one of the short walls can help to make the room seem shorter.


The living room is the heart of any house. It’s the room we spend the most amount of time in. A place for the family to come together, a place to entertain a place to live. If you’re redesigning your living room or just looking to freshen things up we have a whole host of tips and suggestions to get the best from your space, further explore our d-Guide.