This week we head to a bijou West London neighbourhood to catch up with  interior designer Najwa Mroue. Visiting an interior designer’s own home is like visiting an artist studio, unhindered by client’s brief it is the space that best defines them as an artist, the true refection of their creativity. Najwa’s home is beaming with it! Full of personality – an eclectic mix of upcycled, designer and flea market finds – the space feels light and fun. We are definitely asking to join in on the next Sudbury trip….

When did you buy your home? what made you choose it?

We bought our home in 2014. We were looking for something with character. We finally found this idyllic cottage built somewhere around 1850 to house soldiers returning from war. It was a gem in the heart of London and we knew it was the one.

Can you describe your home’s style?

My home is definitely eclectic with a mid century feel. The colour palette is neutral but the furniture and accessories add humour and warmth .

What was your vision for your home? What inspired you?

We chose a place filled with history and I wanted to pay homage to that by creating a nostalgic retro feel.A lot of the items we have come from flea markets and vintage shops.  I chose timeless pieces of furniture and I really let the accessories show off.


What particular aspects of your house do you particularly love?

I love the indoor outdoor connection of our home. Our ground floor is all open plan and when you open the bifold doors to the garden, it looks like you are in a tropical paradise with palm trees.  I also love the bookshelf made of scaffolding planks. It sits in the middle of the ground floor an it houses all the eccentric finds we collected over the years.

Where do you shop for your home? What are your favourite brands?

My favourite shops are flea markets. You never know what you are going to find.  I love discovering new stalls and chatting to the sellers about the history of the items. Sudbury antique market is my favourite. I also love the old cinema in chiswick, Max inc on Askew road and Ollie and Bow on Golbone Road. It is so hard to pick a favourite brand but I would go for Gubi. Their products have a beautiful and elegant feel, a definite mix between old and new.

What’s your dream item for your home? 

My dream item for my home is the ivete-palmtree lamp from essential home. It is such a fun item. It goes with the palm trees in our garden. It is Hollywood glamour meets the girl from Ipanema.

Which is your favourite room/part of your home? 

My favourite part of the house is the spiral staircase. One of the previous owners in the 70s installed it. It’s curvy and playful; a piece of art. You really feel that you traveled in time when you see it.

If you had one design super power what would it be?

Definitely time travel. I would love to meet the architects and furniture designers throughout history, pick their brains and ask where they drew their inspirations from. For me design is Nostalgia meets functionality.