Get your products discovered, with impressive results


Reduction in returns


Increase in basket size


Shorter purchase cycle

Showcase your products in the best light

A dressing room for furniture

(without the unflattering mirrors)

Give your customers the chance to try before they buy. Like an interactive dressing room for furniture, our tool proves just how good your designs look in their scheme. The 3D-Studio is easy to use, engaging and fun.

Your products in the palm of their hand

We give your customers an augmented reality experience – so all your products can be discovered, tried and purchased from within the app, on the spot.

Designer-led content

We have an instinct for beautiful design – and that includes bringing out the best in your products. With an in-house creative team, and working with industry influencers, we can build lifestyle shots for you and even help you digitise your exclusive brand looks.

Understand your customers better

We can drill down into what shoppers are looking at the most, how they’re styling your products, how often they’ve viewed them, and more – all through what they add to their virtual room.

Why Decology?

We do the legwork

Simply send us your 3D models and we’ll take it from there. If you don’t have any, our 3D artists can help you digitise and optimise your catalogue.

e-commerce with a twist

Publish your catalogue solution to our 3D cloud to provide a one-of-a-kind e-commerce experience without impacting your site performance.

Only pay for real results

Our simple fee structure means you only pay when you see measurable results. Your success is our success.


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