If you haven’t come across the fabulous homewares and design emporium, Rockett St George yet, where have you been since 2007??! Award-winning website, Rockett St George was created by two Sussex-based friends, Jane Rockett and Lucy George and has become the online go-to for all interior homewares and accessories. Ahead of the launch of the Rockett St George & Decology edit this week on our online interior design platform we find out more about what inspires this dynamic in our interview…


How did the idea for Rockett St George come about?

We founded Rockett St George in 2007, after spending our weekends trailing antique shops, flea markets, and car boot sales, rearranging the furniture in our homes and continually re-decorating (much to our families’ annoyance!). With a purpose to break free from chain store offerings by sourcing unique, authentic and quirky pieces bursting with individuality our passion project has grown beyond our wildest dreams into a fully-fledged business.


Have you always had an interest in interior design and homewares (before starting the business)?

We are both naturally creative and would spend our evenings and weekends rearranging our furniture at home and generally driving our partners and children mad by continually redecorating!  So Rockett St George was born out of this passion for extraordinary interiors.


Did you ever imagine Rockett St George would be such an incredible success – and so quickly (although it probably seems like a lifetime to you now!)?

It has been a hugely exciting adventure for us and although we have grown beyond our wildest dreams, we are still guided by our original purpose – to revitalise the interiors market with unique treasures, oddities, and curiosities.


What inspires you when selecting products for your ranges?

We only buy what we love. With every product selection that they design, they ask themselves ‘Would I have that in my home?’ or ‘How would I feel if someone gave that to me?’.


Is it really hard to narrow down all the beautiful things you find?

It can be as there are so many beautiful and inspiring pieces that we come across. However, we only ever select the pieces that we fall in love with and that we know the Rockett St George customer would love too.


Which designers have been particularly inspirational to you?

Charles and Ray Eames, they have timeless designs that look good in any environment or style. Whether its industrial, Scandi, boho. Their investment pieces will last a lifetime.


When did you decide to create your own collections and what inspires them?

We have been designing our own products for a few years now, it’s a dream.

We both love vintage and one-off pieces, but they often come with a hefty price tag. We can take inspiration from these swoon-worthy items and reinvent them with our own twist.

For example, for our own-design Palm Tree Floor Light, Lucy was watching a vintage palm tree light on ebay for at least six months. It was £4,000 and Lucy was never going to buy it. But she just could not let it go –  she was in love! So we decided to make our own!


What would you say is / are your personal design styles? 

Jane – Loves mix of  eclectic, vintage and pieces. Giant artwork, animal prints, soft textures and statement pieces.

Lucy –  Loves glamorous black, golds and sparkly accessories. Vintage and authentic pieces and plenty of humorous and fun ornaments that make you smile.


How do you manage not to fill your own houses with all the beautiful things you find?!

We do! As we mentioned previously, when sourcing homewares for Rockett St George we often ask ourselves ‘Would I have that in my home?’ and so, of course, we do end up taking our favourite pieces home with us … how could we not?!


What are your individual strengths that make your partnership work?

Jane has a strong background in PR and photography, whilst Lucy has extensive experience in retail and so we think that this makes us a particularly good pairing. Our strengths counterbalance each other’s weaknesses.


What do you think is the secret to RSG’s success?

We have always remained closely connected to our founding mission – to help our customers create personal, unique and inviting homes with our unique product offering. We think that this makes us stand out from the crowd and our customers will always come first to us at Rockett St George.


What’s next for RSG?

We’ve just launched a Rockett St George curated paint collection in collaboration with Craig & Rose. The paint colours range from beautiful earthy tones to cooling colours and of course, the expected RSG signature dark tones.

For our AW18 collection we’ve designed a number of eclectic and expressive homewares including Leopard and Snakeskin velvet armchairs, dining chairs, lampshades and cushions and a new beaded cushion, placemat and coaster collection, alongside a new selection of statement velvet sofas and armchairs.


We’ve created three looks inspired by Rockett St George’s AW18 collection.  Click below to start designing with the looks


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