When Niki Brantmark’s sister, Cas got renovator’s block with the basement guest room of her newly refurbished London townhouse, Niki (founder of popular blog, My Scandinavian Home)used the new Decology online interior design 3D Studio Plus service to help Cas find the perfect layout, furniture and accessories for her spare room.

The challenge:

Niki’s sister, Cas had come unstuck with one space: the guest room. At the back of the basement floor of her house, this fairly small, square room only had a very small amount of natural light that was diverted to the basement window via a light shaft.

The brief:

Niki (who obviously had a vested interest in the room, being a regular guest!), wanted to create a warm and inviting room that would be both practical and cosy. It needed to be light and uncluttered, where “a guest would be made to feel comfortable and welcome”.

As well as the practicalities of a guest room, Niki wanted to furnish it with a couple stylish statement pieces to give it a bit of a wow factor.

The design:

Laura provided Niki with two schemes, loaded into a replica room space in our brilliant 3D Studio, giving various different furniture and accessories options that could be swapped in and out of the scheme. Niki was able to move around the furniture and see how each arrangement looked from all angles, as well as applying a number of different colour schemes.

The result:

A beautifully inviting, clean and airy room scheme that follows the Scandinavian style that both Cas and Niki so love, providing warmth and cosiness, while achieving practicality and style in equal measure. This gorgeous spare room is sure to be a hit with every visitor to Cas’s house, if they can ever get Niki to leave!


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