This month we visit interior stylist and fashion blogger Shelly Vella, the most amazing Boho Chic pad – she takes us on a house tour below and gives us the low down on how to get the coveted Boho Interior Look.


When did you move into your home? what made you choose it?

We moved here four years ago. I’d avoided the area in all my searches and then one day I saw this cute, slightly run down cottage and thought it was worth a look. As soon as I stepped the through the door I started imagining the things we could do to bring it back to life. I guess the challenge of lovingly restoring and gently modernising appealed to me. Not to mention all the rickety cottage features – old doors, wood burner – exposed beams. I absolutely love it and everyone says it feels very calm and zen.

Can you describe your home’s style?

It’s calmly eclectic and bohemian. Well travelled. Definitely not minimalist 🙂

Which are you favourite or places to shop for your home?

I love to plunder local junk shops and pick up pieces from my travels, but I also love Cox & Cox, Graham & Green, The Flight House Antiques Centre and Collection Souk.

What  is your favourite room in your home?

That’s a tricky one. I really love the kitchen and combined dining room – it makes me smile every day. But the upstairs bathroom features a bath-tub on feet in the middle of the room which is my calm space.

If you had a design super power what would it be?

Hmmmn. To have easier access to all the treasures that places like Bali, India and Morocco offer. I’d be able to snap my fingers and magic sequinned Moroccan wedding blankets or white washed Balinese carved wooden bed heads in seconds. Yes, definitely that.