A brilliantly versatile and often overlooked alternative to shades of grey are midnight blues.  As the nights get darker and the mornings chillier, there’s definitely an autumnal feel in the air. And with the change of weather comes a change in colour trends; and this season, our palettes are richer and more luxurious than before.

What goes with midnight blue?


It may be a little bolder than you’re used to, but fear not. These dreamy midnight blues are actually really versatile and work in a variety of different setting



There’s a well-known rule that blue and black don’t match, but here at Decology we think it’s time to break those rules. On Pinterest, it’s hard to move for inspiring images showcasing a dreamy blue décor with pops of monochrome for a graphic take on the trend. Yellow also works surprisingly well – try contrasting dark walls with bright cushions and fabrics to inject some much-needed colour. A slightly greener, oceanic tone can make a space feel warmer – just look to Bert & Frank for inspiration.

In terms of accessories, metallic accents are midnight blue ’s best friends; think brass lampshades, copper piping and gold knick-knacks expertly dotted around. Wood also works well; opt for rich mahoganies, dark wood flooring and antique consoles and ottomons for an extra-luxurious edge. The overall result is an industrial-style effect that feels newer and fresher than the standard Shoreditch-style warehouse.


Don’t feel restricted to stick to living rooms and bedrooms, either. Midnight blues work surprisingly well in kitchens – we love a rich, blue cabinet with a statement cream range cooker . Try it in the bathroom, too; you may think a heavy colour scheme would not suit such a compact space, but the contrast of rich blue tiles with copper finishes and a gorgeous gloss white bath creates an opulent vibe.


Inspired? download the App experiment with different ideas to incorporate the look into your project – these are the experts who will know exactly how to try this tricky trend at home. In the meantime, here are our top picks to get you started.