When Nik Asman contacted us, he wanted to make the most of a very small, but perfectly located studio flat in Chelsea that he’d bought to use on short stays in London.


The flat was tiny and would be used on an ad hoc basis, but Nik wanted it to be stylish, comfortable and practical, so they could relax and enjoy their time there on their visits. Given he was not permanently in town, the team was also charged with project managing the refurbishment as well as the design.

This bijou apartment was a total of just 25 sq metres, basically the size of a small hotel room and therefore required very careful, clever and precise planning in order to find a place for everything the couple needed to be comfortable on their stays.

One element to be overcome was the existing dark wood flooring and dark wood built-in furniture and storage down one entire wall and made the flat very dark and seem even smaller than it actually was.

Remove featured imageOn our side were the big patio doors leading from the studio onto a terrace, that let in lots of natural light. So, by using very light walls and ceilings in the rest of the space and by using very light, neutral fabrics for the soft furnishing.

In order to make the best use of a small space, we used multifunctional furniture, that could be moved around and used in different ways to give both sitting, sleeping and even entertaining options.

Nik’s style is ‘contemporary’, which suited the space very well. So while we kept the main furniture upholstery and linen in neutral tones, we added, bold, yet relaxing accent colours in various shades of blue, combined with some geometric patterned cushions for a modern, but easily changed look, some well-placed low-maintenance plants and masculine, yet small and beautifully carved wooden side tables that can be easily moved around.

The result is a beautiful, stylish, flexible and modern space that is both cosy and light at the same time, perfect for relaxing after a long day at work or to chill a after a big night out.

“It’s great to see Nik so pleased with his revamped studio. Bringing in a clean and contemporary palette has really helped to open up the space and maximise the feeling of light. Similarly, by using hardworking, multifunctional pieces with good storage, we have ensured that every valuable inch counts.” Lizzie Lester, Designer, Decology.